Address: 11A Teo Kim Eng Road S'416390    Email:      Tel: (+65) 90101663
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How to Come to Our Centre?
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Main Activities at Our Centre
Weekend Activities: Every Sundays starting at 11am
  (Alms Round)
  Offering Light,
  to the Buddha
  Three Refuges,
  Five Precepts
  Transfering Merits
  Dhamma Talk
  (around 15 mins)
  Lunch Alms Giving
  Group Sitting
Meditation Course
Weekend Retreat - ( Saturdays and Sundays )
    - Will be opened soon.
Samatha and Vipassana Meditation Course
     - Samatha and Vipassana Meditation Course will be opened
        as soon as the dates have been fixed.
        Please visit our website again for updates.

        Samatha Meditation
        Course Subjects    
     : Anapanasati, Four Elements, Metta,
                                                    32 Parts of Body, Ten Kasinas
a Meditation
        Course Subjects          : -Discernment of Materiality,
                                                    -Discernment of Mentality,  
                                                    -Dependant Origination -
                                                     The Fifth Method                            
                                                   -16 Vipassan
a Stages