Pindapata - Alms Round
Every Sunday at 11am,
     Venerable will go for
     pindapata (
alms round)
     starting from the centre.
While waiting for    
     Venerable, you can choose
     to stand at the centre's gate
     or under a shady place like
     under a tree either on the
     left or right side of the road.
Please prepare the food you
    wish to offer in a container,
    or bag etc.
   (You may offer requisites to
    the Venerable as well)
   When the Venerable is in
   front of you, please put the
   food you wish to offer into 
   the alms- bowl.

The pindapata
alms round) will take about
      10 minutes.
      After that the Venerable will
      walk back to the centre.
Before the Venerable walk
    into the meditation hall, if
    you are a male yogi, you
    can offer your help to wash
    Venerable's feet with water.
A male yogi can help
    Venerable to dry his feet
    by using a cloth.