The Centre's Aim
* teach meditation
     * provide a quiet and peaceful place for meditation
     * less work, less activity
     * let meditators practise peacefully without disturbance
What Can I Learn in the Centre?
You can learn Pa-Auk Sayadaw's Method
    Samatha and Vipassana Meditation
    based on the Tipi
taka and its commentaries,
    notably the Abhidamma, Visuddhimagga,
    Beginning with
Anapanasati and Four elements .
What Can I Do in the Centre?
The Centre belongs to the public. You can come and practise meditation,
     learn the forest meditation method, Buddha Puja, offer light; incense; water;
     flowers; to the Buddha, take Three Refuges; take Five Precepts,
     borrow and read Dhamma Books, and listen to Dhamma Talk Cds,
What Can I Do For the Centre?
As a Dhamma supportor in order to keep the Dhamma Wheel turning,
    you can do:  - Breakfast / Lunch Dana (alms giving) to the Venerable,
                             - offer four requisites (robes, food, accommodation, medicine),
                             - dana for centre's daily used items,
                             - dana for centre's daily expenses,
                             - dana for water and electricity bills,
                             - dana for centre's rent,
                             - dana for new meditation hall,
                             - dana for printing Dhamma Books and CDs.