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Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw
  Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw was ordained as a novice monk at the age of 10,
  studied Pali Texts under famous teachers in Myanmar and
  passed the 3 levels of Pali language examinations (Lower, Intermediate and Advanced)
  even before his higher ordination as a monk in the Theravada tradition at the age of 20.
  He passed the prestigious Dhammacariya examination which confers the title of Dhamma
  Teacher in 1956, at the age of 22.

  Commencing in 1964, the Sayadaw practised forest dwelling and gained instructions
  on meditation from eminent teachers of Myanmar of those times, while continuing with
  his study of the Pali Texts.

  In 1981, the Sayadaw became the Abbot of Pa Auk Forest Monastery.  
  Since 1983, the Sayadaw has been teaching meditation to local monks and laity,
  and to foreigners since the early 1990's. 
  In 1997, the Sayadaw published his magnum opus, a five-volume tome titled
  Nibbanagaminipatipada ( The Practice that Leads to Nibbana) in Burmese.
  This has been translated into Sinhala.
  A number of smaller books by the Sayadaw have been
  published in Burmese, English, Sinhala an Korean. 

  In public recognition of his achievements, the Government of the Union of Myanmar awarded
  the Sayadaw the title Agga Maha Kammatthanacariya (Highly Repected Meditation Master) in     

  The Sayadaw speaks fluent English, has given Dhamma talks and has
  led meditation retreats internationally.
  These include Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States of  

  In 2005, he has led retreats in the United States, Japan, UK, Sri Lanka, Singapore. 

  In 2006 , he has led retreats in the Malaysia and South Korea.
Venerable Agganna Sayadaw
   Venerable U Agganna Sayadaw started practising meditation in 1989, and ordained as a
   Theravada monk in 1992 by his teacher the Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw ( U Acinna).

   Sayadaw is an authorized meditation instructor, and he has assisted in teaching
   meditation in Pa Auk Forest Monastery, Mawlamyine, as well as international Buddhasassana  
   Meditation Centre in Thanlyn, Myanmar, where he holds the position of Assistant Teacher. 

   Internationally, the Sayadaw has been invited and has taught meditation since 1997, at various  
   centres in Sri Lanka, including the Dhammayatana in Meetigala, Polgassovita Vipassana Centre,
   and more recently Na-Uyana Forest Hermitage.  

   Sayadaw has also taught at the Pa-Auk Meditation Retreat in 2000 at the
   Penang Buddhist Association, Malaysia.
Venerable Visuddhacara
  Stayed in London for 4 years before ordination.

  On 10th Dec 1998 the Ven received full bhikkhu ordination under the
  Ven. Pa-Auk Sayadaw at Pa-Auk Meditation Centre.

  After the ordination, Ven. stayed and practiced meditation in Pa-Auk Meditation Centre,
  listened to the Dhamma, sometimes helped in translation during interview,
  and also completed the practice on Samatha and Vipassana course.

  After that (from December 1998 to November 1999), Ven went to Sri Lanka and studied the  
  Bhikkhu Vinaya and Abhidhamma under the guidance of Ven. Ñanadassana (Greek monk).

  After a few years, he continue meditation practice in the forest monastery in Sri Lanka and
  study the Pali Tipitaka and Theravada tradition.

  •Oct 2000: Instructor of a meditation retreat at Penang Buddhist Association in Malaysia

  •Mar 2001: Instructor of a meditation retreat at Miao Xin Monastery in Taiwan

  •Nov 2002: Instructor of a meditation retreat at Triple Wisdom Hall in Penang, Malaysia

  •19 Mar 2003: Registered society in Singapore (Visuddha Meditation Centre),
    and a certify letter from Pa-Auk Sayadaw helping to apply SINGAPORE VISA

  •Feb 2004: Invited as meditation instructor teaching both Samatha and Vipassana meditation

  (All with permission from Pa-Auk Sayadaw)
Venerable Revata Sayadaw
  Venerable Revata Sayadaw was ordained as a monk at the age of 29 in the year 1999.

  He has practised meditation under the guidance of Pa-Auk approved meditation teachers and
  Pa Auk Sayadaw.  

  He has been teaching many female foreigner meditators for more than
  three years since 2002 up to now. 

  While Pa Auk Sayadaw went abroad for meditation retreat,
  male foreigner meditators are also taught by him. 

  Sayadaw has been studying Pali Texts in the Pa Auk Forest Monastery since 2001 up to now.  

  Sayadaw speaks Myanmar, English and Thai.
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